Hi... I am Vaidhyanathan, SEO Professional from India.

I am a smart working, fun loving and a bit talkative guy. I like kind of people who possess my nature. My hobbies include Blogging, Social Media and Online Discussion Forums. I have been in the SEO & Online Marketing industry for almost over 8 years and I would like to browse and explore new things from the web. Well, it's one of my hobbies. Some of my favorite Internet activities include guest blogging, content writing, participation in online discussion forums, sharing the news via social  sites, social media listening, online brand reputation monitoring, open source content editing, creating communities in social media websites and managing them. I have enjoyed being a part of online web communities in the past and at present I am seeking for new research & development projects to explore and enrich my knowledge.

I am passionate about SEO. I chose to continue my life time career in SEO after college and am very pleased with my decision. I am excited to have an outlet to learn and write about the things that are happening in the Online Marketing industry get to hear about on a daily basis, in which many of us in the field are involved in.

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